The Third Power and You

Many of our riders have asked how and why we chose the name Third Power Cycle, so I decided to give a little background.

Psychiatrist Carl Jung once said that the purpose of symbols was to “give a meaning to the life of man.” There is no other symbol that carries more variance or significance to many than the triangle. It’s definitions range anywhere from the mathematical to the spiritual but none the less, dimensional.

Third Power Cycle was founded on the meaning of the triangle. The triangle, on one hand, is the strongest shape and thus it stands for stability, power and energy. On the philosophical dimension, as studied and explained by Pythagoras, the triangle exemplifies the dualities of life and the theory that once those distractions are eliminated there is one clear, undisrupted thought process. Once the good/bad, the wrong/right, the black/white, the fit/fat dual thought processes fall away, it leaves clarity and a pathway to accomplish the unlimited.

Our name and symbol were born from these theories. The three triangles encased in a circle are simply defined as: One thought that is limitless. Your power becomes limitless. It is the “Power of the Trine.”

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